Forging a New Era in Lab Benchmarking

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Forging a New Era in Lab Benchmarking

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Things are changing in the world of lab benchmarking. New studies are paving the way for fairer, more useful approaches to assessing lab building performance, and the 16-year-old Labs21 Benchmarking Tool is finally being retired. I2SL and LBNL are working together to create a new, improved, modern lab benchmarking tool to better serve the lab community. The new tool is due to be released in early 2019. By the time of the conference, the team will have completed a draft design of the new user experience and benchmarking database. In this special session, we’ll offer a sneak preview of the new tool, we’ll explain the reasoning behind the new features, and we’ll hold a mini design charrette for attendees to provide feedback to make sure our industry’s needs are met.


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