What is SkySpark and how can it help you?

What is SkySpark?

SkySpark is a software analytics platform that automatically analyzes system-level building data and provides building insights, aka building analytics.

It helps building stakeholders such as building owners and operators, business managers, and facility staff identify cost saving opportunities and building operation improvements.

We help clients realize the benefits of SkySpark with set-up and implementation assistance including tagging, mapping, developing fault detection algorithms, rules, and dashboards.


Why Use SkySpark?

We understand SkySpark does not replace the traditional commissioning process, it augments it by providing additional benefits such as:

  • Quickly identifies problems. Even when equipment systems are commissioned for optimum performance, important issues can be missed.
  • Ongoing data analysis. SkySpark constantly monitors data and continuously evaluates rules to detect patterns of sub-optimal performance.

  • Reduces commissioning time. SkySpark can save time performing functional tests by verifying installation and data quality, and reducing issue correction time.
  • Post-construction assurance. SkySpark helps support on-going commissioning during the warranty period and beyond. Typically, less issues go unnoticed because every piece of equipment is tested and monitored.

Our Approach

Early Integration

We begin supporting early in project development to ensure building automation system requirements are compatible with SkySpark.

Design-Phase Coordination

We ensure standardized point naming conventions, tagging standards, and networking requirements are incorporated during this stage.

Construction-Phase Support

We work closely with your controls contractor and facility staff to ensure SkySpark integration happens smoothly.

Risk Mitigation

We prioritize data security and mitigate risks associated with overloading data networks.

Customized Integration

We develop standard and custom rules and dashboards for HVAC systems and configurations tailored to your needs.

Curious about SkySpark?

Integration and Set-Up

We can help you at any point during your SkySpark project. Our services include:

  • Specification Review
  • Installation on server (on-premise) or in the cloud
  • Establishing connections with Building Automation System(s)
  • Mapping of points from Building Automation System(s) to SkySpark

  • Application of tags
  • Custom rules and dashboards
  • Automatic reporting and/or email alerts
  • Integration of SkySpark with work-order management systems


How can we help you use SkySpark?

  • Avoid pitfalls and maximize functionality. Working with clients and SkySpark for over four years, we implemented a variety of custom dashboards tailored to the needs of each building or campus, navigated common issues and developed expertise so we know how to get the most out of SkySpark.
  • Optimize your building energy use. For over 20 years, we have commissioned, recommissioned, audited, and delivered technical studies for thousands of facilities.

  • Integrate with building automation systems. Our experience includes working with NiagaraAX, N4, Metasys, Struxureware, Alterton, EasyIO, Desigo and more. We’re also active contributors to the Haystack community and apply tagging standards for complex systems.
  • Understand system interdependence. Our extensive building knowledge includes HVAC systems, lighting systems, controls, building envelopes, on-site power generation, and the energy+water nexus.

Want to learn more?

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