Green Business

In 2011, we became recognized as a Bay Area Green Business and remain one today promoting environmental leadership, efficient operation, and employee comfort and well-being.

Sustainable Values

Fueled by our passion for a healthy planet, one of our core company values is environmental sustainability.

By delivering clients energy savings and analyzing renewable energy options, we help preserve natural resources and reduce pollution.  We also lead by example and embody sustainable business practices both in where and we how we work.

Bike to Work Leaders

Our founder Jim Kelsey’s love of cycling is contagious. We take bike to work month seriously, and took home first place for in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016. Bike East Bay also awarded us with the 2016 Bike-Friendly small business award.


Oakland Headquarters

Upon purchase, we remodeled using sustainable elements. Our building earned an ENERGY STAR rating every year since we moved in (2006), including a score of 100 in 2009. It is also LEED Gold Certified, as of February 2012. Sustainable Features (with applicable LEED credits) include:

Renewable Power

  • 10kW grid-tie photovoltaic system with intranet metering

Efficient Lighting & Windows

  • Overall Lighting Power Density of 0.8 W/sf (EA-1.1)
  • Daylight / Views from 90+% of workspaces (IEQ 8.1, 8.2, 8.3)
  • Skylights over high-use areas (1 new, 1 refurbished existing) (EA-1.1)
  • Window retrofit (single to double-pane low-E, operable)

Earth Friendly Finishings

  • Carpet Backing is 70% Total Recycled Content, 50% Post-consumer (Reliance, Embassy) (IEQ-4.1)
  • Carpet is Eco Solution Q 25% recycled content, low-emitting material fully recyclable back into carpet fiber through depolymerization by manufacturer. (IEQ-1.3)
  • No-VOC primer and paint throughout (Kelly Moore Envirocoat) (IEQ-4.2)
  • Cabinetry locally manufactured (MR-5.1)
  • Kitchen/Breakroom/Copy Room is rapidly renewable natural linoleum (cork / linseed oil) (MR-6)
  • Entry is bamboo flooring (rapidly renewable) (MR-6)
  • All appliances are Energy Star Certified (EA-1.4)

Green Commuting

  • Bike rack and showers for employee use (SS-3.2)
  • Close to public transportation and close connection to community (SS-2, SS-3.1)
  • Flexible work schedules

Waste Management

  • Initiated building-wide recycling program (MR Prereq 1)
  • On-Site Composting (Vermicompost)

Water Efficiency

  • Certified Water Smart Business by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
  • Nearly 75% less water usage per person compared to equivalent buildings (EBMUD audit)
  • Low flow fixtures: faucets, sinks and toilets

  • Our SoCal office located in Long Beach received LEED Certification in 2016.
  • Its located near downtown and tenants include non-profits such as YWCA and Building Healthy Communities.
  • Long Beach received an Energy Star score of 98 for 2015 and seeking to get a new score for this year.

Southern California Office


Operating Sustainably

recycling hands

  • We purchase TerraPass carbon offset credits to cover all business travel.
  • We practice environmental purchasing, waste reduction, utilize green cleaning, monitor occupant comfort, utilize integrated pest management and practice water efficiency.
  • We purchase 100% post-consumer waste paper goods, and we use our shredded paper goods to feed our compost worms.