Microsoft: Silicon Valley

Annual Cost Savings


Verified Annual Savings

19% electricity reduction
10% natural gas reduction

Annual Energy Savings Identified

750,000 kWh (verified savings exceeded this)
35,000 therms

Utility Incentives Identified


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About This Project


Low Cost RCx Results in Huge Savings


Initially skeptical, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus site staff realized the value of this project following implementation, stating:

“This is a good project, we should have done it 5 years ago.”


Site’s Implementation Team Critical to Success with Controls

kW worked with Microsoft under PG&E’s “Core” Retro-commissioning (RCx) program. One of the key measures we identified was limiting the off-hours use of air handlers. While critical areas need to be conditioned, we greatly reduced the equipment required for conditioning needs.  With the site staff’s help, we reduced the nighttime loads dramatically.

Additional energy saving measures included supply air temperature and discharge pressure controls. Our team used trim and respond sequences adapted from ASHRAE’s Research Project 1455 to optimize temperature and pressure response minimizing energy use while maintaining critical, tight set-point zone control. Hats off to our friends at Taylor Engineering for their excellent work on this project.

Energy Efficiency Measures


  • Scheduled half of air handlers off overnight, even with 24-7 lab loads
  • Trim and respond controls sequences on all air handlers (Supply air temperature and discharge pressure)
  • Improved chiller water controls
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