Saving Energy Checks Out for Regional Grocery Chain

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Millions in Equivalent Sales Checks Out from Energy Saving Projects

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Our team of engineers has delivered over $4 million and 50 million kWh of annual savings to Associated Food Stores, Inc. (AFS), American retail cooperative owning over 500 independent grocery stores across Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Wyoming.


Since 2005, we have been a trusted partner for AFS, guiding their energy management strategy and helping them leverage local utility sponsored programs. To date, we have supported projects at all 40 AFS corporately owned grocery stores as well as over 50 independent stores across Utah.


Working the Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart program we obtained almost $3 million in incentives for AFS. Currently, we are developing and overseeing implementation of approximately $5 million towards energy savings projects that include lighting and refrigeration controls upgrades resulting in increased profits.


Project Types


Typical projects include many energy saving measures at each grocery store including the following:


  1. Refrigeration case, compressor rack and condenser upgrades
  2. Refrigeration controls upgrades include floating suction and floating head controls
  3. Case lighting controls upgrades
  4. Anti-Sweat Heater controls upgrades
  5. Store lighting controls upgrades
  6. HVAC controls upgrades
  7. Optimization of Defrost controls


Implementation Support


We work closely with AFS to scope the projects, implementing cost-effective solutions based on specific operational and economic criteria. To ensure the intended operation and verify savings, we perform commissioning and verification activities for the implemented projects and provide savings documentation to AFS management.


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Annual Cost Savings

Over $4 million

Utility Incentives Received

Almost $3 million

Simple Payback (average per store)

6 months

Annual Energy Savings

Over 50 million kWh

Number Grocery Stores


Store Size

45,000 to 75,000 sq. ft.

Energy Audits, Energy Management, Grocery, Measurement & Verification (M&V), Project Implementation, Retro-Commissioning
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