About This Project

Finding Low-Cost Savings in Complex Environments


Selected by PG&E to provide AT&T with energy audits and retrocommissioning (RCx) services, we worked closely with the AT&T West Region Energy Team to find energy and cost savings. Over the course of 45 energy audits and 4 RCx projects, we identified over 300 energy efficiency measures, and implemented 61 no-cost and low-cost RCx measures at their sites.


AT&T’s Energy Team was a corporate-wide campaign to identify and prioritize energy opportunities in Central Offices (CO’s) and other large facilities in the AT&T portfolio. Their energy intensive CO sites, which are networking switching facilities, range in size from small leased spaces to stand alone buildings with over 600,000 square feet of conditioned area.


Example Energy Projects

  • Installation/Optimization of variable frequency drive sequences and operation
  • Lighting efficiency and control retrofits
  • Chiller replacements
  • Improved chiller sequencing controls
  • Repaired/replaced malfunctioning economizers
  • Optimized scheduling for fan and pump systems
  • Trimmed pump impellers
  • Installed CRAC central controls and airflow improvements in lab areas
  • Installed premium-efficiency motors

Identified Annual Savings (Audits)

31,000,000 kWh

Identified Peak Demand Savings


Verified Annual Savings (RCx)

3,600,000 kWh

Estimated Payback

1.5 years

Potential Utility Incentives


Energy Audits, Office, Retro-Commissioning
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