Boost Profits, Reduce Shrinkage & Limit False Alarms in Your Grocery Store | NYSERDA Remote Energy Monitoring Program

Leverage Technology and Boost Profits

We’ve helped grocery stores and chains across the country realize millions of dollars in equivalent sales resulting in increased profitability and reduced operational shrinkage by installing remote energy management (REM).

We know you’re operating on thin profit margins and that refrigeration, lighting and ventilation consumes almost 90% of a store’s energy use. Our REM grocery solution increases profitability by saving energy and reduces operational headaches of false equipment alarms.

We quickly identify stores with the most savings potential using our REM service, C.A.R.E., focusing on implementing no-cost and low-cost savings strategies and suggest capital improvement projects as interest and budgets allow.

 Free REM Services

We provide REM services to grocery stores and chains across the country. Customers in New York State may be eligible for free commissioning services and technical support through our NYSERDA pilot REM program offering.  It includes:

  • Complimentary portfolio benchmarking
  • Customer portal set-up incentive
  • Energy audit and power meter installation incentive

  • Energy action report incentive
  • Post-installation energy savings tracking for one year

For eligible projects anywhere in New York State, customers only contribute to REM equipment installation and a small monthly energy monitoring subscription.


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA, promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. These efforts are key to developing a less polluting and more reliable and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. Collectively, NYSERDA’s efforts aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate economic growth, and reduce customer energy bills.

Curious what REM can do for you?

What can REM do for you?

kW Link™, our Remote Energy Management system and monthly monitoring service, provides a low-cost solution for in-store connectivity, monitoring of real-time system-level data and whole building energy consumption using a web-based portal and a securely networked monitoring system.


  • Cost-effective identification and verification of energy savings increases profit.
  • Central/automated dispatch of alarms via email and SMS messaging decreases response time and may shift loss liability to service vendors.
  • Fault detection for compressor short-cycling increases equipment lifetimes and reduces O&M expense.

  • Case temperature monitoring reduces liability and decreases product “shrinkage”.
  • Detection of poorly designed or improperly implemented control sequences reveals energy saving opportunities.
  • Easily identifies capital improvement projects.
  • Automation of demand limiting which lowers peak demand charges.

Verified Grocery Store Savings

kW Engineering has been instrumental in our efforts to be more energy efficiency minded. I would not proceed with any project without first consulting them.
- Bill Walley, V.P., Associated Food Stores

How does REM work?

Our supermarket REM solution pairs hardware and software, bundled as kW Link™ with our C.A.R.E. service, to enable automated alarms, fault detection, and collection of system-level data including whole-building, true RMS power.

C.A.R.E. service is our subscription side of REM for grocery customers which offers:

Connectivity – Provides secure, cloud-based connectivity with legacy systems.

Analysis – Ongoing fault detection identifying problems when they occur.

Response – Provides centralized, automated dispatch of alarms via email and SMS text.

Evaluation – Ongoing commissioning and remote data visibility ensuring savings persistence.

Interested in REM or grocery energy consulting to boost profits?

What is our approach to REM?

Our approach to a successful REM project involves seven simple steps.

1. Benchmark

2. Installation

3. Savings Investigation

4. System Data Analysis

5. Energy Action Plan

6. Persistence Commissioning

7. Implementation Support

1. Benchmark

  • Using historical billing data, we benchmark your stores against each other and industry averages. We obtain historical interval data if possible, though we don’t expect it for most sites.
  • We discuss store selection with you to determine prime candidates and align with your financial, operational and environmental objectives.


2. Installation & Enrollment

  • If you already have a smart meter, we will use it track your energy use before and after commissioning.
  • If you don’t have a smart meter, we’ll install a true RMS Power Meter to track our progress on the main feed to your store.
  • We communicate directly with your existing refrigeration control system which allows analysis of whole building interval power data and system data. We support most modern systems such as Emerson and Danfoss.
  • We enroll you in our C.A.R.E. service at no cost.

3. Onsite Energy Investigation

  • During kW Link™ installation, we inspect your stores to record equipment inventory, inspect operating conditions, interview the store manager, and look for opportunities for energy savings.


4. System-Level Data Analysis

  • Using our kW Link™, we automatically upload control system data to the cloud using a secure VPN.
  • Our proprietary analytics platform begins ongoing analysis for alarms and faults which looks for both common control logic deficiencies, faults, and temporary alarms and can be used across an entire portfolio.

5. Energy Action Plan

  • You’ll get an energy action plan that identifies low-cost ways to save money, improve performance and extend your equipment life.
  • Your energy action plan will include suggestions for capital upgrades that meet your store development objectives.

kW_Grocery_kW_Link_whole-building-analytics grocery store energy savings

6. Ongoing persistence commissioning

  • When our platform detects an anomaly or fault, it sends a notification to the customer service technician based on the priority level of the issue.
  • We also provide automated energy performance reports customized to your needs.
  • Since we are monitoring interval, whole-building energy use, we verify the accuracy of the energy savings on a weather normalized basis using International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Option C guidelines.

7. Implementation Support

  • We implement control strategies and provide direct assistance to your refrigeration technician team.

Can we help your grocery store increase profits and save energy?


Most projects (energy saving measures) we identify and implement are low-cost and no-cost changes at your stores. The biggest energy savings we’ve seen are from the following:

  • Sensor calibration
  • Suction pressure adjustment or float
  • Head pressure adjustments or float
  • Daylighting controls optimization

  • Case lighting schedule adjustments
  • Anti-sweat heater (ASH) optimization
  • Defrost control optimization
  • HVAC schedule & set point adjustment

Relief from Alarm Fatigue

Alarm fatigue is a real concern.


When operators receive too many alarms, they are overwhelmed trying to sort important alarms from nuisance ones.


We use smart fault detection software to only alert staff of critical issues. Non-critical issues are shared through energy action reports when they significantly impact system performance.

Do you need help evaluating your store refrigeration, HVAC or lighting systems?

Considering other energy saving projects?

Eliminate false alarms and save energy with fault detection.

grocery store control system optimization alarms faults
bms grocery store hardwired bypass energy efficiency kw engineering

Sometimes problems are hidden beyond your BMS screen.

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