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Decarbonization with ZNE & ZNC

Building decarbonization through Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and Zero Net Carbon (ZNC) buildings and portfolios are goals for many corporations and governments seeking to achieve carbon neutrality and 100% clean energy sources.

Implementing ZNE and ZNC strategies not only achieves carbon reduction goals, but also saves money from escalating energy costs over time. If you need help planning or implementing these projects, we can help.

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Free Decarbonization Assistance

Learn more about free technical services available to local Bay Area governments seeking to achieve building decarbonization goals with ZNE and ZNC strategies.

Building Decarbonization Strategies

You can achieve decarbonization goals while saving money by targeting zero net carbon or energy (ZNC/ZNE) buildings through reductions in energy and gas use and increasing renewable energy sources using the following strategies.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy use lowers both energy costs and the size of required renewable generation or offsets, and is a key to ZNE / ZNC.

Renewable Energy

ZNE and ZNC buildings generate enough renewable energy over a year that is equivalent to total site energy use.

Building Electrification

Building electrification reduces or eliminates natural gas use and replaces it with electricity of the clean renewable variety.

Adopt Natural Refrigerants

Replacing high-GWP refrigerants with natural options like CO2, ammonia, and hydrocarbons can reduce your buildings contribution to climate change by eliminating powerful greenhouse gas emissions.



We work with your budget and schedule to deliver a clear picture of where you are at and how to achieve your decarbonization goals with ZNE/ZNC roadmap development and portfolio review.


As your owner's representative, we estimate project costs, review energy models and design strategies, assist with procurement and commission controls to ensure your building projects are a success.

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Featured Project

To help Corte Madera evaluate the feasibility of decarbonization for their new Town Hall, we recently completed a Zero Net Energy / Carbon Feasibility Study Report which included a review of their current building plans and made recommendations for potential building upgrades that would provide long term cost, energy and sustainability benefits from upgrading to either ZNE or ZNC.

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